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Residents of Hull do not hold back in showing anger regarding two national newspapers negative reports over Hull begin it’s year as UK City of Culture.

Resident have been quick to voice opinion on Twitter. @realHabibRahman feeling:
“very disappointed” @TheSun and @DailyMailUK
Images of New Years Eve showing drunken revellers were printed next to images of New Years Day celebrations with no explanation they occurred on different days.
Sam Tonkin  of the Daily Mail who wrote the story said:
“we are not allowed to comment on stories” he went on to say he would speak to the editor with regard to as he referred to them ‘misleading photos’.
Paul Sim from The Sun was unavailable for comment.
Towards the end of the article in The Sun pictures are show of other major cities including an image with the line ‘A man having a wee in the street in Leeds’ and  ‘Party-goers in Sheffield had no problem exposing themselves’. This shows Hull on New Years Eve act in no differently to other major cities.
During to New Years Day festivities the amount of related called to the police made:
Figures were taken form @CIJGlansfield (Chief Inspector J Glansfield) twitter post.
One party-goer who did not want to be named for professional reasons said:


“This year is suppose to show all that is wonderful in the city, and i feel today has done that”

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