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There is something about the sights sounds of Hull Fair. 

For some people it’s the bright light and loud music, for others it’s the rides. For me there are two things you cant beat, the food and the people.

This year was my very first experience of this loud vibrant event. Coming from Scarborough I’m use to fairs but this was different.

Arriving at West Park reminded me a little of Brigadoon appearing out of the mist and the trees, first was the Big Wheel with its carriages handing like fruit on a tree, then more and more. The noise building, a mixture of as many songs as there where rides competing to be heard.

The lights remind be of Blackpool Illuminations bold and bright flashing in every pattern possible, leading you, drawing you to them.

The smell, the smell sets your taste buds dancing in time to the music, hot dogs and candy floss smell hhhhmmmm my mouth waters at the thought. I was told however by several people that to truly embrace the fair I had to try the food of legions Patty and Chips from Carvers and Brandy Snaps.

Lets start with Patties, they seem to be a mix of sage and onion stuffing mixed with mashed potato’s covered in bread crumbs and fried, you eat this with chips (another potato product) and mushy peas. The peas with either of these two things I get, individually with other things I get, but together I don’t get it. There’s no question they all taste great, but everyone to their own, it has its place in local folk law and long may it remain there.

Brandy snaps, I love brandy snaps when they are filled with cream and fruit with a light dipping of chocolate, as a dessert they add the perfect crunch to a any plate. Eating them as is, they are okay but nothing special they clag my teeth together, and are a bit boring if I’m honest.

If I had to choose my favorite food of the fair, there is one thing that rules above them all…cinder toffee. It’s sweet and melts on your tongue, it has a crack and crumble that makes a sound like nothing else and most of all it makes me smile with every piece.

One thing Hull Fair is not short of is smiles, they are everywhere, often with sound effects. The faces of people on whizzing round and round flying up and down screaming and laughing in equal measure all with grins from ear to ear.

One of the special things I pick up from the people on the rides and walking round enjoying the sights is the range of ages, they young and to sound cliche the young at heart all mixed together with the soul intention of having fun

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