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Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to do before the end. I’ve got one but theres another list. This list is one of milestones I want to reach that all rely on my weight loss.

Some of these may sound ordinary, even silly but for me each will have a significant. They represent success in the fight against my weight.

  1. Not Using Seatbelt Extender on and airplane – at no point in the last 15 years have i sat on a plane without the embarrassment of asking for a belt expander.
  2. Sitting In A Normal Armed Chair – When I go to a restaurant, or the cinema it’s the most uncomfortable thing is wedging yourself in, then prizing yourself out hoping you dont get stuck.
  3. Laying in the Bath With Water Surrounding Me – I very rearly have a bath opting for the shower instead. Because when I do, all the water instead of the water surrounding me it is like a dam behind me.
  4. Shopping in a ‘normal’ shop – For as long as I can remember I have not really been able to shop in a ‘normal’ high street shop. There are a couple of big girl shops like Evans and Yours  which are great, along with the J D Williams group. It will be nice to walk into any shop, look at whats there and know I will fit in them.
  5. Go on Fairground Rides – As a kid l loved the fairground rides, the bigger and scarier the better. However these days l will not even fit in the seats.
  6. Lacing Up Shoes – I tend to keep to slip on shoes as fastening  laces and buckles can be an issue, it will be nice to wear different shoes.
  7. Wear Boots – Apart from ankle boots, as a rule they are a no go due to the size of my calfs especially.
  8. Do a Charity Run or Bike Ride – At the moment doing the simplest of things leaves me tired.
  9. Wear a Skirt Without Feeling The Burn – wearing skirts and dresses hurt! For anyone who’s never felt the fire when your thighs rub…its not good.
  10. Crossing My Legs –  Sitting with my legs crossed will be great, especially when i finally start wearing skirts.

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